Customer Responsiveness

By Mark Hardy
June 22nd, 2022

A Quick Turnaround with a Rapid Response

A customer recently reached out to BC Wood Products at 2 p.m. on a Friday because they had
run out of wooden pallets. We would have them restocked by 5 p.m. They didn’t think that was
possible. It was, and we got them exactly what they needed within hours of their request.

The next morning, that customer emailed me to say how delighted they were with our
response time. Emails like that make my week since getting the customer what they need,
when they need it, is what BC Wood Products is all about.

Responsiveness Matters at BC Wood Products

Responsiveness is absolutely critical for our customers, and that means it’s absolutely critical
for us as well.

Our customers can have the best commercial product. However, if a customer doesn’t have a
quality, reliable shipping platform, they cannot service their end-users and grow their business.
Our manufacturers rely on our quick turnarounds to keep their business on the road. They
often tell us BC Wood Products is “Best in Class.”

How Long Has BC Wood Products Been in Business?

Located in central Virginia right off Interstate 95, BC Wood Products has been supplying
customers since 1970. That longevity and our continued success is built around meeting
customer needs. We take the long view on running our business.

How Does BC Wood Stand Out From the Rest?

Our competitors get stuck on how much it’s going to cost them in overtime, or the hassles
they’ll endure to meet a customer’s last-minute needs. We take the opposite approach at BC
Wood Products. We focus on service and building long-term relationships with customers.

We anticipate our customer needs by leveraging our business analytics, which identifies order
patterns. Consequently, we are ready for our customers in their time of need. When you plan
and have the mindset of paying it forward in the customer service business, it always comes
back tenfold.

I recently asked a new customer how they heard about BC Wood Products. The customer said
they were referred to us by their competitors who also rely on BC Wood Products for consistent
pricing, a high-quality wood product, and responsive service.

We bring deep expertise in crafting the right wooden pallets and crates to meet each customer’s
needs, and we do it in a cost-conscious fashion. Our entire leadership team wears the customer
service hat, which allows for a customer-centric culture. BC Wood Products helps our
customers by taking care of our employees. We don’t tell our employees what to do. We
empower employees by explaining why we build it and the impact to the customer, so they
know what makes a satisfied partner. Informed employees create solutions for the businesses
we serve.

I like to say that “BC” stands for “Best for the Customer.” As you can see, we have the
testimonials to back that up. Please reach out to us if you want to visit or to learn more about
how we can respond to your business’ needs.

To learn more, please call our office at 804-798-9154.

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