Cut Stock

February 26th, 2016

Unique Cut for Your Needs

Our cut stock is made with Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) and can be cut to any dimension and length you need. Instead of worrying about scrap material or waste from cutting wood, let us do the work for you. With our state-of-the-art Storti TGS P 500, we have the capacity to create large orders of cut stock for your company. Our cut stock will help decrease your labor costs while increasing the quality and consistency of your lumber.

Benefits of Cut Stock

  • Reduced labor cost
  • Reduced waste
  • Improved accuracy





February 26th, 2016


Whether you are working on a construction project that needs staking or starting a garden, we carry and can provide a full line of precision, wooden grade stakes. Choose from Poplar, Pine or Oak in the following sizes to complete your next job:

  • 1x2x18″
  • 1x2x24″
  • 1x2x36″
  • 1x2x48″

We also carry wooden hubs (slightly larger than stakes) and currently stock them in Oak and 2x2x9″.

Custom Stakes & Hubs

We can make any custom size stake or hub if our above sizes do not fit your specific needs. If you are interested in ordering custom sizes or have questions, please contact us.


February 26th, 2016

Custom Crate Solutions

At BC Wood Products, we understand that sometimes a cardboard box is simply not enough to ship your materials and products safely. Wooden crates provide a higher degree of stability and security for transportation. Our custom wood crates are designed and built with your exact requirements, needs and budget in mind.


In order to produce a crate tailored for your product, we will need to know:

  • Weight & size of product
  • Internal crate dimensions*
  • If heat treatment is required
  • Quantity
  • Lead time

* When designing & building crates, internal dimensions are more important than external dimensions.


Wooden Pallets

February 19th, 2016

Made With Your Product In Mind

We have been a leader in custom wood pallet design and manufacture for over 45 years. We use our expertise and Pallet Design System (PDS) to meet your particular pallet needs. Our custom pallets are tailored to your specifications including:

  • Weight of product
  • Size of product
  • If the pallet needs heat treatment
  • Species┬ápreference (pine or hardwood)
  • Quantity
  • Lead time


Tailored Crates

Our wooden crates are designed and built with your exact requirements, product and shipping needs in mind.

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Custom Pallets

At BC Wood Products, we use the Pallet Design Software System (PDS) and our industry expertise to help design the right pallet for your needs.

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Cut Stock

Our cut stock is made with Southern Yellow Pine that can be cut to whatever dimension and length you need for your company.

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