Cut Stock Lumber

By Mark Hardy
August 29th, 2022

BC Wood Products has been building custom-made wood pallets and crates for decades to keep our customers’ items safe while in transit. 

But customers sometimes want to make their own shipping materials, and BC Wood Products is also here to help them meet that need.

Do you provide customized cut stock lumber options?

We provide cut stock lumber sliced to the exact width, length, and thickness each customer wants, so they can build their own pallets and other packing items to protect their products during shipping.

How is each cut stock lumber product made?

Mills provide us lumber from the heart of pine and hardwood trees, and then we perfect each board using powerful saws here at our Central Virginia facility off Interstate 95.

We cut strong wooden strips that are placed around metal products to protect them as they move along the roads. We also carve grooves into our wood packing items, so customers can fasten them with plastic or metal bands to keep their products even more secure as they’re on the move.

Customers buy our durable wood boards in bulk, which saves them money. We also take care of the wood cutting waste, so they don’t have to find other wood recycling resources. And just like with our crates and pallets, the cut stock lumber pieces we sell can be heat-treated in our kilns here to guarantee the wood is pest-free.

No order is too big for us. We can provide truckloads of lumber cut to our customers’ exact specifications, and we have state-of-the-art saw machines on-site to provide cut stock lumber of all shapes and sizes.

Is BC Wood Products a certified SHARP member?

And safety is always on our minds as we operate that equipment. BC Wood Products was recently certified as a member of the federal Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP).

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which runs the SHARP program, says companies like BC Wood Products that earn this designation are “a model of worksite safety and health.” We know just how crucial it is to keep every one of our employees safe as we serve our customers. We’re very proud we earned this certification.

Have questions about cut stock lumber options?

We’re always happy to provide tours of our facility as we discuss your cut stock lumber needs. Please call us at 804-798-9154 or submit a request to talk about how we can help your business help your customers.

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