Our Recycling Services Give Old Pallets a New Life

By Bcwood
May 30th, 2023

Even the sturdiest shipping pallets show some wear and tear after taking multiple trips through the supply chain. But old broken pallets with cracked or missing wooden boards get a second life here at BC Wood Products.

How does pallet recycling work?

Through our pallet recycling services, we pick up our customers’ damaged pallets and bring them to our Central Virginia facility where we replace broken wood boards, hammer the pallets back together, and return them to our customers good as new.

If a pallet can’t be fixed, we’ll find another use for its wooden components. But if it can be repaired, our customers get a tremendous value from a high-quality refurbished pallet that costs a lot less than brand a new one.

Do you pick up used pallets for recycling?

And if a customer has unused pallets taking up valuable space on their site, we’ll also haul those away for them through our recycling services. That way, our customers’ employees can remain focused on keeping their own products moving inbound and outbound while we handle the task of recycling their stacks of old pallets.

We know a surplus pallet that’s not valuable for one customer might be useful to another, and we’ll find another company that can get more miles out of it. Or we’ll take it apart and use the boards to craft new pallets or simply grind them into mulch. We even provide scrapped pallets as wood fuel for fires.

It’s all about finding another use for that shipping product instead of simply throwing it away.

Why choose pallet recycling?

Many of the customers who rely on us to craft wood pallets to keep their products safe in transit also take advantage of our recycling program. They really like how it reduces costs and fits naturally with their environmental sustainability programs aimed at limiting the waste they send to landfills.

Wooden pallet recycling is environmentally friendly

Sustainability is also a key part of our culture here at BC Wood Products, where more than 99 percent of the shipping items we handle get repurposed instead of being tossed into the trash.

Our recycling services reflect BC Wood Products’ commitment to the environment, and they’re another way we’re there for our customers.

We are here to help with your recycling needs

If you want to learn more about how your company can take advantage of our recycling services, please call us at 804-798-9154.

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