Pallet Sales

By Mark Hardy
March 30th, 2022

In recent years, the term “pallet sales” has taken on a new meaning. Today, when a pallet has a mixture of unused merchandise or an assortment of items not meeting customer expectations, it is palletized and liquidated, hence the term “pallet sales.”

In my world, the term “pallet sales” means working with wood manufacturers and retailers to build pallets that meet a specific need and/or to develop pallet programs. I have been a part of this niche in the supply chain for 30 years. Initially, pallet sales entailed having the ability to find or procure wooden pallets for a client. It included custom pallets, new specialty pallets, and 48 x 40 recycled pallets. The function of pallet selling remains an important part of the supply chain today. At BC Wood Products, our approach is a bit more comprehensive yet flexible.

Truck loading wood pallets

Our pallet programs are built from the ground up. BC Wood’s focus on continuous improvement drives our decision-making and customer service. We feel customers have a seat at the table where we discuss their pain points, current process, and pallet design needs based on the actual product, unit load configuration, and handling details. Last year, we built 200 different 48 x40 pallet types for our various customers. Now that’s being customer-focused and flexible.

Additionally, BC Wood Products’ Zero Waste Recycling program for all our pallet sizes is popular and a great value-added service for customers. We also support our customers’ national requirements through our broker network.

During the pandemic, out of stocks and poor customer service were the norm. Not at BC Wood Products. We invested in procurement and customer service at a time when others were cutting corners.

Failure is not an option here. I like to say BC stands for “Best for the Customer,” and we have customer testimonials to back it up.

You can’t go wrong with being a good listener, a bridge-builder, and being trustworthy. In the spirit of working together, creating the customer’s winning hand is paramount. It’s “pallet sales” reengineered.

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