Custom Built Wooden Crates

By Mark Hardy
July 18th, 2022

The crate-selling business here at BC Wood Products has been growing quickly this year. That means our customers and their products are on the move, and BC Wood Products is there to support them every step of the way to make sure each item that’s shipped gets to where it needs to go safely and securely.

More and more customers are investing in our wooden crates to ship their valuable items as the pandemic’s shutdowns have ended and the backlog in the supply chain has eased.

And our customers are in good hands when they turn to us to create custom-built wooden crates to protect their delicate machinery parts, refrigeration units, raw materials, and fragile items while they’re in transit.

Our customers trust us, time and time again, to build them sturdy, heavy-duty wooden crates to keep their valuable merchandise safe on the roads. When you invest in the cost that comes with building a durable crate, you want a partner you can rely on.

When it comes to shipping crates, we’re the experts.

Each of our custom crates is built from solid wood using the knowledge that BC Wood Products has gained over decades of crafting these specialized shipping containers for countless customers.

We know that building a high-quality crate requires a lot of measurements and precision to make sure we’re securely encapsulating the product while leaving just enough wiggle room to unpack the item once it reaches its destination. We’ve never made a measurement error, and we don’t cut corners.

We also offer heat treatment for any crates our customers buy in order to get rid of insects and larvae, so the crates are certified as pest-free and that they meet the ever-growing regulations put into place to protect global forests.

The products each of our crates protect can cost thousands of dollars. They’re the kind of items that can’t simply be shipped in a flimsy cardboard box. We safeguard these valuable products on all six sides with our sturdy reinforced crates. And when we build a crate, we know we have to get it right the first time. We take that responsibility very seriously.

How does BC Wood Products approach custom crates?

That’s why we don’t construct a crate from a photo that’s sent to us. We show up to the customer’s place of business, so we can get a firsthand look at the product that’s going to be encased in our crates.

We don’t care if a customer is located hours and hours away from our Central Virginia site off Interstate 95. They’re investing in our products, so we invest the time to visit their facility and to make sure we take just the right measurements to get them the crate that protects their precious cargo.

Our focus is always on delivering what the customer wants. If you partner with us, your product will be secure and protected.

To learn more, please call our office at 804-798-9154.

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